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Description: Cleaning Accessories

Part No. Part Name / Description Remark / Colour
WP81-04T 4″ Blow Out Tube
WP81-05T 5″ Blow Out Tube
WP81-T4-C 4″ Blow Out Tube Complete with Fitting
WP81-T5-C 5″ Blow Out Tube Complete with Fitting
WP81-MT Multi Blow Out Tube (Multi Blow Out Pot Only)
WP81-MT-C Multi Blow Out Tube Complete with Fitting
WP10-02 2″ Sponge Ball Medium & Soft
WP10-03 3″ Sponge Ball Medium & Soft
WP10-04 4″ Sponge Ball Soft
WP10-04M 4″ Sponge Ball Medium
WP10-04H 4″ Sponge Ball Hard
WP10-04T 4″ Sponge Cylinder
WP10-05 5″ Sponge Ball Soft
WP10-05M 5″ Sponge Ball Medium
WP10-05H 5″ Sponge Ball Hard
WP10-05S 5″ Square Sponge
WP10-05-G 5″ Go Devil -Rubber Soft
wp10-05-S 5″ Go Devil -Steel Hard
WP10-05-CY 5” Sponge Cylinder
WP10-06 6″ Sponge Ball Soft
WP10-06M 6″ Sponge Ball Medium
WP10-06H 6″ Sponge Ball Hard

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