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Description: WP100 PTO LINE PUMP

Low pressure output 120m³/hr
Low pressure 125bar
High pressure output 80m³/hr
High pressure 160bar
Concrete cylinder dimension Φ200×2000mm
Hydraulic cylinder Φ140×2000mm
Hydraulic cylinder rod dimension Φ95
Max Stroke 32/Min
Main hydraulic pump Rexroth
H/L Pressure switch device Auto
Variabke volume control 0 to Full
Hopper height 1240mm-approx
Outlet Diameter 6 Inch
Manufacturer STIEBEL 4496
Circuit type Open
High-low pressure shifting Fully Auto
Lubricating system Auto grease
6 Channel Wireless remote control
Distribution Value Style Butterfly Value
Manual stroke control
High pressure water gun
Vibrator Motor
Inbuilt tool box

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WP100 PTO Line Pump

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