Cast Bend




Part No. Part Name / Description Remark / Colour
WP18-0390-86 3″x90º  8620/8630 Bend
WP18-0490-86 4″x90º  8620/8630 Bend With 260 Radius
WP18-0490-180 4″x90ºx180   High Manganese Bend
WP18-0490-250 4″x90ºx250 High Manganese Bend Dong Yang / KOREA BOOM
WP18-0490-275 4″x90ºx275 High Manganese Bend
WP18-0490-350 4″x90ºx350 High Manganese Bend Dong Yang / KOREA BOOM
WP18-0445-275 4″x45º x275 High Manganese Bend
WP18-04545-275 4.5″x45ºx275 High Manganese Bend
WP18-04590-86 4.5″x90º  8620/8630 Bend With 260 Radius
WP18-04590-180 4.5″x90ºx180  High Manganese Bend For EURO Style
WP18-04590-275 4.5″x90ºx275 High Manganese Bend For EURO Style, Interchangeable for Putz&Schwing Bend
WP18-0510 5″x10º  High Manganese Bend
WP18-0515 5″x15º  High Manganese Bend
WP18-0520 5″x20º/22º  High Manganese Bend
WP18-0530 5″x30º  High Manganese Bend
WP18-0530PZ 5″x30º  (PZ) High Manganese Bend
WP18-0530S 5″x30º  High Manganese Bend (Schwing/Daewood)
WP18-0545 5″x45º  Fat Back High Manganese Bend
WP18-0545L 5″x45º  (Long Type)  High Manganese Bend
WP18-0590-180 5″x90ºx180  High Manganese Bend Can’t Weld
WP18-0590-180-86 5″x90ºx180  8620/8630 Bend Can Weld
WP18-0590-230-86 5″x90ºx230  8620/8630 Bend Can Weld
WP18-0590-275 5″x90ºx275  High Manganese Bend Can’t Weld
WP18-0590-275-86 5″x90ºx275  8620/8630 Bend Can Weld
WP18-0590-275FB 5″x90ºx275 Fat Back High Manganese Bend Can’t Weld
WP18TW-0590-275 5″x90ºx275  Twin Wall Bend Inner Skin Top 9mm/65HRC, Bottom 6mm/65HRC
WP18-0590-250 5″x90ºx250 High Manganese Bend SERMAC BOOM
WP18-0590-330 5″x90ºx330 High Manganese Bend NORMET BOOM
WP18-904 4″ Setting Piece ( MINI Bends )
WP18-0403-90 4″x3″x90º  Bend
WP18-0503-90 5″x3″x90º  Bend
WP18-0503-90HD 5″x3″x90º  Bend With HD Ends
WP18-0504-90 5″x4″x90º  Bend
WP18-0504-90L 5″x4″x90º  Long Bend
WP18-0604-90 6″x4″x90º  Bend
WP18-0605-90 6″x5″x90º  Bend
WP18-0605-90NE 6″x5″x90º  Bend Both 6″ Side Without End
WP18-0605-90P Putzmeister  6″x5″x90º  Bend With 6″ Putmeister End
WP18-S14 Schwing  14º  Bend
WP18-0606-90S Schwing  6″x6″x90º  Bend (Standard)
WP18-0606-90PZ Putzmeister  6″x6″x90º  Bend
WP18-0706S Schwing  7″x6″ Hinged Reducing Bend
WP18-0706PZ Putzmeister  7″x6″ Reducing  Bend With Slurry Pot,Suitable for Daewoo/JUNJIN/PUTZ
WP18-0706-AU 7″x6″ Reducing  Bend Australian Standard
WP18-0606-90MF Putzmeister  6″x6″x90º  Bend (High Pressure) With Male/Female Ends
WP18-0706-ADP Putzmeister  7″x6″ Reducing  Adaptor For Line Pump Application
Suitable for Daewoo/JUNJIN/PUTZ
W WIN Engineering reserves the right to alter the specifications at any time without notice.