Piper Line Bracket


The bracket can be utilized for clamp application under the condition of that each 3 Meter Pipe in the pipeline is clamped by one bracket.

The bracket for supporting concrete pipeline can sustain the concrete pressure 130 bar.

The bracket is designed according to Australian Standard 2550.15-1994 and meet Australia work cover safety regulation and be manufactured under the control established by BVQI Approval Quality Management System which confirms with ISO9007:2008


Part No. Part Name / Description Remark / Colour
WP71-04L 4″ Floor Bracket
WP71-04V 4″ Vertical Bracket
WP71-05L 5″ Floor Bracket
WP71-05V 5″ Vertical Bracket
WP71-4U 4″ U-Bolt
WP71-5U16 5″ U-Bolt M16
WP71-5U18 5″ U-Bolt M18
WP71-4B 4″ U-Bolt Base Plate
WP71-5B 5″ U-Bolt Base Plate
W WIN Engineering reserves the right to alter the specifications at any time without notice.