Shotcrete Accessories


We have the largest range of Shotcrete accessories in Sydney, including our in-house designed spray gun, which is 30% lighter than the standard spray gun, with its lightweight aluminum body, allowing for less worker fatigue and longer spraying time.

Part No. Part Name / Description Remark / Colour
WP12-02-12E 1/2″ Steel Tube Elbow
FCM164-L 3/8″ Steel Tube Elbow
FMBV12 1/2″ Ball Valve
WP81-BV34 3/4″ Ball Valve
FMBV38 3/8″ Ball Valve
FMBV12-AF 1/2″ Air Fitting
WP81-BV34-A 3/4″ Air Fitting
FMBV38-AF 3/8″ Air Fitting
WP81-N12 1/2″ Nipple
WP81-N34 3/4″ Nipple
WP81-N38 3/8″ Nipple
HS052 Hose Clamp
WP12-03F 2″ F Adaptor Hose Tail
WP12-03M 2″ M Adaptor Hose Tail
WP12-03-01 Spray Gun Complete ( Short ) Rubber & Poly
WP12-03-01L Spray Gun Complete ( Long ) Rubber & Poly
WP12-03 Nozzle Tip Rubber
WP12-03P Nozzle Tip Poly
WP12-03-02 Spray Gun Insert
WP12-03-02L Long Gun Complete With Two Hole Rubber & Poly
WP12-03-04 Spray Gun Body (Air Ring) – AL
WP12-03-04S Spray Gun Body (Air Ring) – Steel
WP12-03-03 Locking Nut
FCM161 Spray Gun Insert Long Flowcrete
FCM162 Spray Body (Air Ring) – AL, Flowcrete Type
FCM162-S Spray Body (Air Ring) – Steel, Flowcrete Type
FCM163-S Locking Nut – Steel Flowcrete
FCM722 Washer
WP12-03-01L-FS Spray Gun Fitting Kit Long
WP12-03-01-FS Spray Gun Fitting Kit Short
WP12-03-OR O Ring For Short Spray Gun
FCM-OR322 O Ring For Long Spray Gun
WP4A-02-10SPRAY 2″X10M Spray Hose Double Ends (Male & Female Tail) Fabric Hose
WP4A-02-20SPRAY 2″X20M Spray Hose Double Ends (Male & Female Tail) Fabric Hose
WP4A-02S-10SPRAY 2″X10M Spray Hose Double Ends (Male & Female Tail) Steel Hose
WP4A-02S-20SPRAY 2″X20M Spray Hose Double Ends (Male & Female Tail) Steel Hose

Products Include: