Twin Wall Products


Part No. Part Name / Description Remark / Colour
WP5-503-TW 5″x3Mx5.0mm Twin Wall Pipe
WP5-503-TW7 5″x3Mx7.0mm Twin Wall Pipe
WP18-0590-TW 5″x90ºx275 Twin Wall Bend
WP18-0590-180-TW 5″x90ºx180 Twin Wall Bend
WP18-0545-TW 5″x45ºx275 Twin Wall Bend
WP18-0530PZ-TW 5″x30º PZ Twin Wall Bend
WP18-0520-TW 5″x20º Twin Wall Bend
WP18-0515-TW 5″x15º Twin Wall Bend
WP18-0510-TW 5″x10º Twin Wall Bend
WP15-0605-1200HTPM-TW 6″x5″x1200 Twin Wall Reducer PZ ZX Type
WP18-0606-90MF-TW 6″x6″x90º Twin Wall Bend PZ ZX Type


W WIN Engineering reserves the right to alter the specifications at any time without notice.