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Description: After Market Parts Suitable for Junjin/Putzmeister Concrete Pumps

We are continuously sourcing parts all over the world to bring you the highest quality for the lowest cost. In this catalogue, you will find a wide range of interchangeable parts suitable for JUNJIN Concrete Pumps. All parts we carry are guaranteed to be equal to or better than the equivalent OEM part. Some parts are redesigned to become more efficient and user-friendly. If the part you are looking for is not in this catalogue, please contact us for price and availability.

WIN Part No. Part Name / Description JunJin Part No.
WP6-06PZ-W 6″ Putzmeister M/F Wedge For Wedge Clamp RB60004
WP6-06-PZXK 6″ Putzmeister ZX Clamp (6″ PZ ZX Type Bolt Clamp) RB60007
WP6-05-PZ ZX 5″ Forged&Galvanized (ZX Type 5″ Single Bolt Clamp) RB50030
PZ-DN230 Del’ Piston DN 230 J013901F0
PZ-DN200 Del’ Piston DN 200 J02390100
PZ-228383-04 Wear Sleeve For  S-VALVE RB0180400
PZ-262639-002 Mounting Bolt J01440200
PZ-264392-004 Tie Rod (Stud Bolt) J01440400
PZ-401783 Shaft Bearing assy’ 80mm RB060000
JJ-060600 Seal Kit for Shaft Bearing 80mm RB060600
PZ-400494 Wear Sleeve RB060090
PZ-027783-009 Flange Bearing RB060020
PZ-066586-005 Collar Disc RB060080
PZ-028550-008 Bush RB0600201
WPRB060120 Wear Sleeve For Shaft Bearing With inside Teeth RB060120
PZ-240390-004 Outer Housing assy’ RB2540000
JJ-254500 Seal Kit for Outer Housing RB2545000
PZ-256300-004 Ball Socket J01241900
PZ-400493 Swing Lever J01242400
221033005 Swing Lever Old Type 221033005
PZ-256300-004S Swing Lever Ball Stocket 40mm PZ-256300-004S
PZ-254426-003 Plunger Cylinder J01800000
JJ-0180600 Seal Kit for Plunger Cylinder J01806000
PZ-242572-008 Bearing Flange 60mm J18220100
JJ-01220100 Bearing Flange 50mm J01220100
PZ-242574-006 Rubber Disc 60mm J18220500
JJ-01220106 Rubber Disc 50mm J01220106
PZ-222484-006 Bush 60mm J18220103
JJ-01220103 Bush 50mm J01220103
PZ-043909-003 O-Ring 60mm J18220104
JJ-01220104 O-Ring 50mm J01220104
WIN Part No. Part Name / Description JunJin Part No.
PZ-275587-002 Mixer Shaft 60mm J18224100
JJ-01224100 Mixer Shaft 50mm J01224100
PZ-264020-004 Mixer Shaft Center J01224200
PZ-254812-002 Paddle Right J05220800
PZ-254811-003 Paddle Left J05220700
PZ-229488-005 Wear Plate Duro 22 J01230300
PZ-251026-008 Wear Ring Duro 22 J01230400
WPJ13390300 Piston Seal DN 260 J13390300
PZ-080373-003 Piston Seal DN 230 J08390300
PZ-080372-004 Piston Seal DN 200 J07390600
WPJ13390200 Guide Ring DN 260 J13390200
PZ-080672-005 Guide Ring DN 230 J08390200
PZ-080794-006 Guide Ring DN 200 J07390700
WPRB9900000 Piston Frame Assy DN 230 RB9900000
WPRB9720000 Piston Frame Assy DN 200 RB9720000
WPRB3120300 Suction Filter Element RB3120300
WPRB3110300 Return Filter Element RB3110300
WPRB3130300 Pressure Filter Element RB3130300
WPRB3730300 Pressure Filter Element RB3730300
MS2930300 Return Filter Element MS2930300
PZ-01XF S-Valve 2018 80mm Shaft RB0180000
WJ123900 DN 230 High Pressure Piston Assy J08390000
WJ01250600 DN 260 High Pressure Piston Assy J12390000
PZ-230-9 Concrete Cylinder 230 x 2100 J01250600

*All manufacturers’ names, symbols and description listed in this catalogue are used for reference purposes only, and it is not implied that any part shown is the product of these manufacturers.

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After Market Parts Suitable for Junjin/Putzmeister Concrete Pumps

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